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:: Beginner’s Guide: Tips to Become a Successful WordPress Developer

Learning WordPress development can be really helpful regardless of the fact that you want to pursue your career as a WordPress developer or not. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and many people use WordPress for Website development, Blog development and many other reasons. Thus, it is great to learn WordPress development. This article is a guide for the beginners that want to become a successful WordPress developer. So let’s get started:

1. Choose your ultimate goal

To become a successful WordPress developer, you have to know your why. As I mentioned earlier, it is not necessary to learn WordPress development to make your career as a WordPress developer. There can be many reasons to learn WordPress development, such as, you want to become a WordPress developer or you want to lead a team of WordPress development experts or you want to open a WordPress development company, so on and so forth. The approach of learning for different goals is different. For example, to pursue a career as a WordPress development expert, one needs to get into details of the technology unlike the leader who need to acquire basic knowledge of the same.

2. Acquire technical knowledge

WordPress is very easy to learn as one gets ready to use themes and templates. Also, the simple tasks like adding content, customizing menu, etc. is simple because the WordPress comes with a GUI based panel which is extremely easy to use. However to make customization in the theme, to add some additional functionalities, one needs to acquire some technical knowledge. To learn WordPress, you should have basic knowledge of following technologies:
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

If you are not going to pursue a career as a WordPress developer then knowledge of CSS and HTML would be enough to make some minor changes, but in other cases, you must get better command over usage of all 4 mentioned activities.

Once you learn these 4 technologies, start learning WordPress and how development works in this technology. There are many tutorials, courses and community which can help you learn WordPress development.

3. Get your hands dirty with real development

Once you have enough knowledge of the above mentioned technologies, the next step is start testing your skills. For that just buy a domain and start building a WordPress website. You can also buy a theme and start performing WordPress customization to test your skills. Make some scripts to achieve automation using the WordPress script development knowledge. Try anything and everything you have learned in your journey of WordPress development. This will give a reality check on how much you actually learned, plus, you can learn new things.

By following these tips mentioned in this “Become Successful WordPress Developer Guide”, you can commence and lead your journey in the WordPress development industry. You can also hire WordPress development company for your development, customization and maintenance needs. Contact us to discuss your WordPress development needs.

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